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Quick Answers to Common Questions at OCCR
Are there any fees or dues to join OCCR?

Although OCCR does not have any membership charges or fees, we do expect help toward preparing for our enduro (as described above) and with occasional forest and roadside cleanups.

Are there any other background fees or anything?

If you choose to be competitive in an organized event, you must join the AMA, they do have membership fees. You can join the AMA the day of your first event or you can join over the telephone, through the mail or online.

How does OCCR prepare for their “Scrub Pine Enduro”?

We at OCCR take pride in our accomplishment of being the 8-TIME enduro of the year winner, having arguably the best sand-run ever held in central New Jersey. In order to have a successful enduro, we need to keep fire-cuts clean and maintain existing trails.

I don’t really want to race right away. Does the club have people that I can just ride with on Sundays?

Yes, you can usually find people to ride (practice) with every Sunday of the year (excluding days of popular enduros or hare scrambles, and sometimes extreme weather conditions). A few members also get together other days of the week to practice (for those who work Sundays). Only licensed, registered, and insured vehicles are permitted in NJ State Forests.

What do I need to bring with me to the meeting?

No need to bring anything other than yourself and maybe a pen (for filling out forms – i.e. OCCR application, ECEA test [both available from our website], and enduro entry forms, if you choose to do so).

What events does the club sponsor during the year?

OCCR holds our Scrub Pine Enduro in Brendan T. Byrne State Forest located in Manchester, Pemberton, and Woodland Townships.

What is an enduro?

Read the article by Paul Cipper to learn what an enduro is.

What is involved with pulling off a successful enduro on the day of the event?

We need full member support to work check crews, road crossings, handing out information packets, signing waivers, tech inspections, sweep riders, and section riders.

When does OCCR hold meetings?

Our club meets on the third Monday of each Month at 7:00 pm at Alba’s Pub located at 2313 County Rte 547 in New Lakehurst, NJ. Click here for directions. If you’re not currently a member please¬†contact us to verify there are no changes in the schedule.

Where are the club’s members from and what is the age breakdown?

We have members from all over NJ, a couple from PA, NY, and even 1 from West Virginia! We average about 125 members. member ages range from 15 to 75, with the average age being around 40. Enduros and Hare Scrambles have classes to suit all age groups.